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Boarding Rates: 

Dog Boarding Rates:
    $30/day Stays up to 10 days  
    $28/day Stays 11-30 days  

Cat Boarding Rates:
    $22/day stays up to 10 days
    $20/day Stays 11-30 days  

Discounts (discounts can't be combined)

Multiple Dog discounts 
     $10/day off per additional dog
     $5/day off per additional cat

Dog Daycare Rates: 
    Single $25/day 
    Prepaid 10 Day ($225) $22.50/day 

Daycare Check-in 8-10am
Daycare Check-out 4-6pm

    Quoted on site

Nail Trimming
    $15 Easy Dogs  
    $25 Difficult Dogs 

Check-In/Out Hours

Monday-Sunday 8-10am & 4-6pm

Dogs may check-in during our Check-In Hours. 

Dogs checked out before 10:00am will be no charge for the last day of their stay.  

Where your pets choose to stay
Lone Pine Kennels, LLC
We are CLOSED 
for check-in 
and check-out 
on these major holidays:

New Years Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Kelli Reichert
269 Dupont Dr
Kalama, WA 98625
email: lonepinekennels@gmail.com